Pure Driven garage is an excellent place for restoration of classic cars. Dave is an excellent mechanic. He is very reasonable and he take pride in his work. I highly recommend this company if you have a classic car and are looking for a very reliable company.
Muscle Car Repair
-Tom Rodenhuis
Dave knows cars, and was very helpful with my 92 camaro. It is hard to find people to help with the basic things older cars need, and Pure Driven can do it all.
1992 Camaro Classic Car Repair
-Rob Caples
I recently took my specialty vehicle to Dave for some work and fine tuning. He is very knowledgable, organized and detail oriented. Very pleased with the completed work. He charges for time actually spent and was very fair in that regard. I would recommend giving him a shot when in need of repairs or restoration assistance.
1965 Mustang Fastback Muscle Car Repair
David was able to replace the 42 year old seat belts in my TR6. He found a fabric and color that was identical to the original and was able to rebuild the original retraction mechanisms as I wanted to keep the car original. He kept me informed during the process and I’d recommend him for any classic car repair.
Old School Car Repair Omaha Nebraska
Dave is one of the few that I will let put a wrench on my cars, He’s handled minor to major issues on my cars. Not just in and out ASAP he takes the time to look for things that might be a problem in the future and lets you decide if you want to take care of it now or if you want to keep a eye on it yourself. Which is what I like I still like working on things I can handle myself, but when it’s over my capabilities he’s the MAN !
Classic Cars Of Omaha
Thanks Dave @ Pure Driven Garage for solving a long time cooling issue with my 66 Coronet. Clean, professional work. Trustworthy & Reliable. My baby runs a consistently 190 now, stop or go. I will come back again for additional work.
'66 Coronet
Before meeting Dave, I made an internet purchase that turned out to be a bad deal. The car needed just about everything and Dave has helped me get the car to the condition that I have ultimately hoped for. His capabilities seem endless as there is nothing that I have asked that he has not been able to accomplish. He has done everything from re-wire the entire car, replace the engine, put in all new suspension, new brake system, rebuilt dash instrument cluster, helped with interior (carpet, door panels), etc. EVERYTHING on this car except for paint is new and Dave has done it all. Thank you so much Dave! I recommend him highly.
'69 Camaro
-David Phillips
A few weeks ago I contacted Dave about a 1968 Mustang I was looking to purchase. He came with me to look at the car and was able to tell me what it was worth in its current condition and what work would need to be done. He is very knowledgeable and upfront about everything.